Adjustable Bed Fit Into a Bed Frame? How?

Adjustable beds can help many, from sleep apnea and acid reflux people to people with back discomfort or poor circulation. Sleeping at an angle might provide comfort and more. But setting up an adjustable bed frame may be a big hassle (ironic, given it is typically bought for pain relief). The good news is that though the assembly may be tricky, you don’t have to toss away the entire bed and make a new one. It is a widespread misunderstanding that all adjustable beds require you to modify the whole arrangement of your bed; that is not true. Adjustable bed frame king and bases are available in standard mattress dimensions and fit almost any bed frame. So you only have to make sure you purchase the one that corresponds to your bed frame size.

How To Set Your Adjustable Bed?

Unlike a standard bed base (such as a mattress or box springs), adjustable bases are powered by an engine moving two primary sections: the slumbering surface and joints. The sleeping area is the flat section that fits the mattress, and the joints provide a change in position in the adjustable bed base.

Temporary Bed Frames:

Many adjustable bases include legs to stand alone, but most of the time, they can fit the base within a frame that you already have. Then, depending on the weight of the base, you can assemble it and hoist it in the frame before putting your mattress on it.

Beds Platform:

Again, you may put the adjustable base right on your bed if you first remove the legs (assuming it has legs). However, please remember that platform beds generally do not have lath rails like bed frames, meaning that your adjustable base may be more susceptible to sliding around a platform bed.

Setup Of The Floor:

You may set your adjustable base on your own four legs on the floor if you prefer a lower profile design. In addition, there are several adjustable bases with brackets or other hardware so that you may attach a headboard to an adjustable base.

Adjustable Split Bases:

If you and your spouse have distinct preferences for sleep, you might want a split king over a king’s mattress. You’ll have two double XL beds and movable bases in the same case with a split king. This set-up is ideal for lovers who want to share a bed but have to change positions. You will be able to acquire two adjustable XL twin base and two twin XL mattresses if you have a standard frame for your king-size bed. However, you will have to purchase bases and mattresses mainly manufactured to fit those two sizes if you want a split queen or a split California king.

Bottom Line:

It is a fallacy that adjustable bases cannot fit into a bed frame. They can, and they can. However, if you are shopping for an adjustable bed, make sure that you have one that matches your bed frame specs and mattress size. Then, you may maintain the existing frame without compromising the comfort and pain relief given by an adjustable bed on an adjustable base.